haiku it up

This is for digital storytelling.
Assignment name is Haiku it up.

This picture is what I based for this assignment.

Here is Haiku

"Ice cream!?
Are you eating
Ice cream!!"

ah, this is not good Haiku at all.
I kinda confused how to describe Japanese traditional thing such as Haiku and Waka in English.
Don't you think it is too dificult to do that?
Then I created Japanese Version for this assignment.

I picked different picture for Japanese version.
Here is what I picked.

and here is Japanese version Haiku.

Finaly, its looks much closer to Japanese Haiku.

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  1. This is the second haiku I've seen from Tokyo ds106ers tonight. I love how you and so many other #cistuj students are adding such vivid glimpse of culture from Japan.

    Would it be possible to translate your Japanese haiku in the comments here?

    BTW, I like the one above about ice cream. I wonder why you say it not a good haiku.

    Oh no, this suggests a ds106 assignment idea to submit: Good haiku, bad haiku...

  2. >Lockman

    thanks for your comments!!
    Haiku is one of our traditional culture, and I used to make it so often.
    However, It was so difficult to create Haiku in English.

    My Japanese version's translation is this
    "Where are you going?
    Wherever you go
    It will come to a dead end"

    well, I know this Haiku is kind a dark...

  3. Thanks for the translation. It might be a dark theme but it is moving and powerful. I'm not sure that the image you matched with it is so dark though.

  4. >Lockman
    I really like dark taste things, even though my second picture does not look like so dark or miss-much, I also like the gap!!