Together part5: On the Weekend

This is ds106 assignment on writing a fanfic about another blogger, taken one step further by being a continuing story written in parts without prior planning, and via the revolving effort of 2 bloggers going back and forth.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6, to be continued...

Casey Medsker-Saban came over to my house today.
My son Casey was so excited to be with him tonight. He was really looking forward to see uncle Casey, and drew some picture for him.
He got a Pokemon crayon last time when we went to Pokemon center.
He drew this picture with this new Pokemon crayon!!
Can you see a difference between this picture and previous one?
Well, Casey crumpled the picture into a ball, and rounded blue ribbon.

When Uncle Casey got to my house, he had a little gift for my son.
He found Pokemon noodle in convenience store.
Casey was so happy about this, and he ate the gift at the dinner.
Pokemon; by Snowy******'s photostream; CCL

Dinner was awesome.
My wife made many delicious foods for our meal.
Crunch & Munch: KARAAGE
Crunch & Munch: KARAAGE; by Sifu Renka: CCL

Karaage is one of the both Caseys' favorite foods.
My wife actually makes really good Karaage, so everyone like that!!
I little bit ate a lot tonight, but because of the delicious food.

After the dinner, Uncle Casey and my so started to play Pokemon.
My son Casey embraced the big Pikachu during Pokemon battles.
"It was so adorable!! Casey really likes the Pikachu!!"
My wife said with shining eyes.

Uncle Casey cared about my son so much. Every time when he came over, he always be with him and hung out with him.
When Casey needed to go back, my son was so grumpy. Casey did not want Uncle Casey goes home, but Uncle Casey told him
"I have to go back home and feed my Derpy. Derpy is so hungry now, are you happy when my Derpy is hungry?"
My son looks he still not happy about Casey going home, but he said
Uncle Casey patted on the Casey's head, and gave big hug to say bye.

After Uncle Casey left our house, my son suddenly got sleepy.
I think he is going to bed soon because my wife readies his pajamas.
Then, I will do dishes for her (Because she seems little bit busy now).

Where is sponge...

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Together Part3: Pokemon Center with my son

This is ds106 assignment on writing a fanfic about another blogger, taken one step further by being a continuing story written in parts without prior planning, and via the revolving effort of 2 bloggers going back and forth.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6, to be continued...

I got home just now from Pokemon Center with my son.
Casey is sleeping on my back, because he got really tired to play with Pokemons.
I was carrying my son on my back, and carrying Pokemon stuffs in my hand.

Casey got big Pikachu from daddy.
He was so excited to sleep with the Pikachu tonight.
He also got one of the his favorite Pokemon Card!!
When he got the card, his eyes were shining and looks so happy.
"Daddy!! Daddy!! I got Derpy!!"
Daddy was also happy when I saw his smile.

Derpy is one of the Casey's favorite Pokemon.
He always drew it and Vanilla-cat.
This is what he drew last night when we talked about Pokemon center.
This Pokemon is Samurott in English.
However, Casey called it as Derpy.
Maybe me and my wife's friend Casey Medsker-Saban told him "Derp".
My son really likes Casey, and he calls Casey as Uncle Casey.
Uncle Casey and my son Casey is really close, and Uncle Casey also plays Pokemon.

Uncle Casey will come over my house on this weekend.
We are going to have some nice dinner at my house, and my wife will make a lot of nice foods then.
Both Casey(Caseies)loves to eat Karaage, so she definately make that for dinner.

Now, I put Casey on his little comfy bed, and put the Pikashu next to him.
He seems like seeing Pokemon dream, and he is smiling.
"Sweet dream my little boy"

Casey smiled again.

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Together Part1:Will Fanfic

For Windows Users!!

When you create something for ds106. what kind of tool do you use?
I use Paint for ds106.
Print is free tool which Windows has in their program.

Click "Start", and search "Paint".
It is really easy to find paint with you computer.

Since I started to do ds106's assignments, I sometimes use Paint just for fun.
Today, I put some pictures on here which I created by Paint.
I also created some short story for these pictures, this short story is also for ds106.
Assignment name is Blogger Fanfic
I picked up Yeow William who is everyone know in my class.

This is ds106 assignment on writing a fanfic about another blogger, taken one step further by being a continuing story written in parts without prior planning, and via the revolving effort of 2 bloggers going back and forth.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6, to be continued...
~My son Casey drew awesome picture!!~
Today, my sweet Casey drew some pictures in his class.
When I got home from work, he gave me the pictures with lovely smile.

"Daddy!! I drew the pictures!!"

He drew Vanilla-cat which I and my wife created before we got merry.
Now Casey is crazy for Vanilla-cat, and he really likes to draw it.
He explained about this picture, and according to him, Vanilla-cat is walking around and finding his friend Bread-Vanilla-Cat.
I asked him "So, What Bread-Vanilla-Cat is doing now?".
He showed me another picture which he drew today, and explained me what the cat is doing.

Bread-Vanilla-Cat is trying to get some apples when Vanilla-Cat is finding him (According to my son).
Can you see the cat looks like different pen touch compared with background? Casey said he firstly drew some markers, but some of his friends also wanted to use makers. He gave the makers to them, and switched to use crayons.
He knows sharing!!
I was so impressed about it. How Casey is sweet and smart and good boy now!! Can't believe it!!

Last picture is the sweetest one.
He drew daddy and mommy!!

Casey can write daddy and mommy in Japanese!!
Actually, he still needs to improve for writing Yeow(やお) in Japanese.
His お is opposite.

Tomorrow, I will bring this family picture to my company, and put is on my desk.

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Clouston Park 1st Album "Education Without Natural Ability" NOW ON SALE

I found such a interesting assignment on ds106!!
An Album Cover

For this assignment, go to a few sites which I put on this blog below.
And pick up random words from them, and create Album jacket.
The Links are below, so Lets create my 1st Album!!

This assignment is really fun and easy to make!!
①go to Wikipedia: Random Article
the random article will be your bands name.
okay, my bands name decided to call "Clouston Park".
②go to Random Quotes
go to the bottom of the page, and lock at last quote. the last four to five words are your album title.
I got "Natural ability without aducation has more often attained to glory and virtue than education without natural ability.", so my album name is Education Without Natural Ability.
③go to Flickr-Explore/ Interesting/ Last 7 Days
take a 3rd photo as you album picture!!
Then create my album jacket!!

Clouston Park 1st Album 
”Education Without Natural Ability”

1)Body Fantasies
2)A Chessboard
3)La Crame
4)Good Luck!
5)Made in China
6)Little Bobdog
7)Will Willer Willest
9)Life is not measured
10)Post it
-Bonus Track-
Clouston Park covered

I just picked up the songs title randomly around my desk.

1)Body Fantasies
From my body cream which I used to use everyday
2)A Chessboard
From little box which I put many stationery on my desk.
3)La Crame
From small paper bag(I actually do not know what La Crame means...anyone?) 
4)Good Luck!
From a gift/greeting card which I got from my friends when I leave Japan.
5)Made in China
From toy's tag which I got from crane game.
6)Little Bobdog
From Japanese junk snack which I got from summer festival.
7)Will Willer Willest
I just came up with this title when I was thinking about my boyfriend.
From a web site which I am using everyday
9)Life is not measured
From a part of poem(Life is not measured by number of breaths we take, but by the moments that take our breath away.)
10)Post it
From my stationery.


Hello World...I mean ds106!!

This is for digital storytelling.
Assignment name is Greeting from ds106

For some reasons, my all posts did not show up on ds106...
I did not do many assignments, but it was kinda sad for me...
However, Professor Lockman and Jim Groom kindly supported me for solving this problem.
Finally, Swadloon(Miki Ozawa)is appear on ds106!!

Then, I should greet for all ds106 people!! YES I AM!!
(Because I am JAPANESE!! Greeting is our first step of communication!!)
Buenas tardes!!
Guten Tag!!
Sawar dii kha!!
Xin chao!!
Ni hao!!

Miki is Greeting from Japan!!


Weekly Blog:Are You Artist?

For weekly blog assignment, I heard We Are All Artist at Timmmmyboy.

Timmmmyboy basically described about artists.
However, He did not mention only about art major people, he said everyone can be an artist.
Even though people who are not art major (Political Science, International Business, and/or International Affairs etc) think they do not have any potential to create something, Timmmmyboy said they can describe whatever they want by art!!

Timmmmyboy said ds106 is really good for those people.
If people have energy for creating something, ds106 gives them bunch of experiences.
He put really good comments for readers on his blog, and I want to share the comments with you!!

1,Do not accept the lie that you were just not born creative.
2,Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary.
3,Take something complex and make it simple.
4,Take something new and make it old.
5,Find inspiration in the world around you.

6,We are more creative when we are uncomfortable!!

I agree with his comments, because I also have accepted the lie that I was not born creative.
Okay then, Let's follow the comments and create something as my feedback for Timmmmyboy!!
Let's see that I can be creative or not.
I though I do not have any sense of art, and I am not comfortable NOW!!
(Because I am hungry, my chair makes me uncomfortable, and I am so sleepy.)

I will create a poster for Timmmmyboy's blog post-We Are All Artist.

I use this picture for the poster.
I originally took it when I visited to Turkey.


  • Picasa3
  • Windows Paint

First, Let's change high-light and shadow of this picture, and put some effects on it.
Second, put some texts on picture.

Is it extraordinary?(Maybe?) 
(Maybe it is not Old...)
But I created this when I was uncomfortable!!

If people follow Timmmmyboy's comments like me, 
they can make whatever they want!!



This is for digital storytelling.
Assignment name is Song Story.

Now I will share my memory in America.
I was an exchange student from Japan, and stayed in America for one year.
It was not always happy things for me. In fact, some of my experiences are still my trauma.
I got many problems, I learned many things, and I changed a lot.

This song makes me remember all of the memory.

I was in Utah state, and I met many people.
Everyone thought me a lot of things, and I learned what is real communication.
My host-family, friends, and x-boyfriend were such a awesome people, and I still appreciate for them. I still do not know how many times do I need to appreciate for them.
They thought me everything about how to communicate with people, what is family, what is friends, and what is love.
Until I moved to Utah, I hate being human and I hate everything.
Now, I love everything. I appreciate everything.

Utah is such a nice place. Utah is very beautiful, people are all nice, and there are my host-family.
I put some pictures of Utah and my awesome family and friends!!
Please listen to Photograph/Nickelback with pictures!!



My host grand parents

My host dad and Little brother

 My host mom

 My friends Jackson and Logan

My friends Zack, Jade, Kevin

My friend Accasia

Best friend EVER Jade

Have you ever read lyric of this song?
This is full lyric of this song: Lyrics
I love this part
"I miss that town
I miss their faces
You can't erase
You can't replace it

I miss it now
I can't believe it
So hard to stay
Too hard to leave
Look at this photograph
Every time I do it makes me laugh
Every time I do it makes me"

It has been almost three years that I left there.
However, whenever I hear this song, I can remember all my memory like yesterday.
some of them might already forget about me,but I remember them.
You guys made Miki Ozawa.

Thank you so much.
I love you <3


Hungry caterpillar with Fukuda President?

This is for digital storytelling.
Assignment name is Mashedup Children's book.

I picked up Hungry caterpillar for this assignment.

I also picked up Fukuda President's comments.
”I can see myself objectively, so I am not like you".
This is really common phrase as Japanese politicians' stupid comments.

Then what I created is this.

Hungry caterpillar knows what he wants to eat!!
He is NOT like you!!

He is not like Japanese politicians who can not complete their manifest!!
He is not like Japanese politicians who changed their manifest easily!
Hungry caterpillar knows what he wants to do!!

He is not like you!!

haiku it up

This is for digital storytelling.
Assignment name is Haiku it up.

This picture is what I based for this assignment.

Here is Haiku

"Ice cream!?
Are you eating
Ice cream!!"

ah, this is not good Haiku at all.
I kinda confused how to describe Japanese traditional thing such as Haiku and Waka in English.
Don't you think it is too dificult to do that?
Then I created Japanese Version for this assignment.

I picked different picture for Japanese version.
Here is what I picked.

and here is Japanese version Haiku.

Finaly, its looks much closer to Japanese Haiku.


The Little Caption "I Found You"

This is for digital storytelling.
ds106: The Little Caption

I picked up one picture from my Flickr, and gave it one caption.

This picture is one of my favorite in my daily shoot assignment.
This picture is took by my couple ring.

This is the actual photo on my Flickr

It looks like I try to find him (or like "Hey, I got you!!").
This is why I put "I found you" on this photo.

For my Vanilla
Hey!! I found you!! I gonna get you, so just wait right there!!!!

I Can Read "Letters from Iwo Jima"

This is for Digital Storytelling.
The Assignment name is I Can Read Moveis.

I picked up one of my favorite movie which is Letters from Iwo Jima.
This movie portrays the Battle of Iwo Jima from the perspective of the Japanese soldiers.

Usually, I really do not like war movie even though I am Japanese.
However, this is my favorite movie because music and story are quite beautiful.
i put here an example of the sound from this film.

If you listen to this sound, you understand how this film has such a beautiful music!!

Story is also beautiful, If you are non-Japanese, please see this film because this film described one of the Japanese characteristic.
I usually do not cry for movie, but this is the only one which I cried.


For mid-Term; ds106 design-Pokemon Card

I will talk about design section of degital storytelling.
I forcus on one topic which is Pokemon card.

In this assignment, people sould make own pokemon card.
Do you know what the pokemon card looks like?
Here is some example of pokemon cards.
Shiny Pokemon Cards
Image; Shiny Pokemon Cards by Minhimalism's photostream ;CCL

It is really interesting to me because I like Pokemon, and Pokemon is pretty common for all of the world.
If people create the own pokemon card, some other countries people might be interesting with this.
We can share our impression and thought by pokemon!!
Seems like, this assignment is not so common for among degital storytelling poeple.
However, I found other people who did not create this for degital storytelling.
Some of interesting pictures are on Flicker.
"Mr Scott" Pokemon Card (2008)
According to St Boniface's Catholic College's photostream, this pokemon card is for one of the professor.
Here is another example.
Pablo's very own "Pokemon" card.
This is also created non-related people with degital storytelling.

Anyway, how to make that kind of pokemon card by own?
Here is example video from Youtube.
This Video is also interesting because she did not use any degital technology.
It might not related to degital storytelling. However, someone who are not good at using degital thing, this video might help.

I also found some blogs about this assignment from degital storytelling.
She also played pokemon game before, and seems really excited to create her own pokemon card.
This blog is really interesting. becuase He/She creted own pokemon picture book.
Its also Flash!!
He did not put any comment for the assignment, but this pokemon card is the closest compared with other two blogs.

I also have some experience to create the own pokemon card.
Here is what I created bofore!!
I kinda did not finished to create this, but It is also can be an own pokemon card!!


Icon: Pokemon!

You know Pokemon!! I am sure most of you guys know what the Pokemon is!!
I based on Pokemon, and ccreated this pict for explaining what is Pokemon.
Basically, Pokemon is battle game.

you can see first generation of Pokemon beloew

In 1997, Pokemon was sailed by Nintendo.
Both two Video are commercial of Game and Anime.

{how to create this pict?}
First, I found background picture
down load some Pokemons dot image from Internet.
then, change the size of image and put all together with the background.
tada!! Done!!

Ah, this Fearow is my Friend's favorite Poke, and another poke(metagross) is my favorite poke, anyway lol

Minimlist Travel Posters Based in Japanese Game

This is for Digital storytelling.
I created this based on Persona4 which is Japanese Video Game.
You can see promotion video below ↓

This promotion video is also cool!!

I created this picture by Windows Paint.
First, I found some useful image of Persona4, and down load it.
Put some Pictures and texts on the image by Windows paint.
Tada!! DONE!! lol

If you are interested in Persona4, go to Wiki and read what kind of game Persona4 is.