I Can Read "Letters from Iwo Jima"

This is for Digital Storytelling.
The Assignment name is I Can Read Moveis.

I picked up one of my favorite movie which is Letters from Iwo Jima.
This movie portrays the Battle of Iwo Jima from the perspective of the Japanese soldiers.

Usually, I really do not like war movie even though I am Japanese.
However, this is my favorite movie because music and story are quite beautiful.
i put here an example of the sound from this film.

If you listen to this sound, you understand how this film has such a beautiful music!!

Story is also beautiful, If you are non-Japanese, please see this film because this film described one of the Japanese characteristic.
I usually do not cry for movie, but this is the only one which I cried.

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  1. I think you picked an interesting assignment, and the first thing that hit me from your book cover interpretation was the font style used for the title text. It's sometimes hard to match text to a picture but I think the one you chose matches quite well, both with the mood of the piece and the theme of letter-writing.

    Apart from that it's also interesting how you chose a black and white colour scheme for the cover, almost as if you're taking elements from the movie and literally simplifying them for your image, seeing as how the movie goes for an already-desaturated colour scheme, which you take a step further

  2. >Mome
    Thanks for your comment.
    It was kinda difficult how to describe such a deep movie. The font thing was also difficult to choose. As you said if the font matched for my pict, I'm really happy :)

    This film does not have any light color.
    So I decided to use kinda dark or monotone color for this.

  3. I think these considerations come through in the finished piece so god job :)

  4. I agree with Mome's analysis. I'm so impressed with how your book cover conveys the serious and somber tone of the film.

    One neat thing about this type of assignment is that through visiting your site, many new people will become aware a truly great film. I think that is a valuable reward for the time and effort you put in to creating this lovely book cover image.


  5. I think this assignment is gorgeous, and Mome's analysis of your work is brilliant. You two really are taking ds106 to the next level. And as an American here in Virginia, you have no idea how cool it is to see Japanese students share their culture on a micro-level by explaining what they like, why, and what it means to them. So amazing, thank you!