Together part5: On the Weekend

This is ds106 assignment on writing a fanfic about another blogger, taken one step further by being a continuing story written in parts without prior planning, and via the revolving effort of 2 bloggers going back and forth.

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Casey Medsker-Saban came over to my house today.
My son Casey was so excited to be with him tonight. He was really looking forward to see uncle Casey, and drew some picture for him.
He got a Pokemon crayon last time when we went to Pokemon center.
He drew this picture with this new Pokemon crayon!!
Can you see a difference between this picture and previous one?
Well, Casey crumpled the picture into a ball, and rounded blue ribbon.

When Uncle Casey got to my house, he had a little gift for my son.
He found Pokemon noodle in convenience store.
Casey was so happy about this, and he ate the gift at the dinner.
Pokemon; by Snowy******'s photostream; CCL

Dinner was awesome.
My wife made many delicious foods for our meal.
Crunch & Munch: KARAAGE
Crunch & Munch: KARAAGE; by Sifu Renka: CCL

Karaage is one of the both Caseys' favorite foods.
My wife actually makes really good Karaage, so everyone like that!!
I little bit ate a lot tonight, but because of the delicious food.

After the dinner, Uncle Casey and my so started to play Pokemon.
My son Casey embraced the big Pikachu during Pokemon battles.
"It was so adorable!! Casey really likes the Pikachu!!"
My wife said with shining eyes.

Uncle Casey cared about my son so much. Every time when he came over, he always be with him and hung out with him.
When Casey needed to go back, my son was so grumpy. Casey did not want Uncle Casey goes home, but Uncle Casey told him
"I have to go back home and feed my Derpy. Derpy is so hungry now, are you happy when my Derpy is hungry?"
My son looks he still not happy about Casey going home, but he said
Uncle Casey patted on the Casey's head, and gave big hug to say bye.

After Uncle Casey left our house, my son suddenly got sleepy.
I think he is going to bed soon because my wife readies his pajamas.
Then, I will do dishes for her (Because she seems little bit busy now).

Where is sponge...

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  1. Where "is" the sponge...still can't find it...

    Casey! Hey, did you see where mommy keeps the kitchen sponge?

  2. sigh...daddy, here is the sponge...

  3. Ah, thanks. Wonder why it's next to the bananas?

  4. the Bananas will be our breakfast for tomorrow.

  5. Ah, I see what about mushi-pan?

  6. You can est for lunch if you want.

  7. Mushi-pan! You some mushi-pan Casey?

  8. no thanks daddy, mommy made Banana mushi-pan for my breakfast ;)

  9. Banana mushi-pan? Sure. I'm gonna run down to the store real quick to get some coffee. Mushi-pan goes great with coffee. You guys want anything?

  10. Ah, of course. Should I get enough for the rest of the week? Or just one? :P