Minimlist Travel Posters Based in Japanese Game

This is for Digital storytelling.
I created this based on Persona4 which is Japanese Video Game.
You can see promotion video below ↓

This promotion video is also cool!!

I created this picture by Windows Paint.
First, I found some useful image of Persona4, and down load it.
Put some Pictures and texts on the image by Windows paint.
Tada!! DONE!! lol

If you are interested in Persona4, go to Wiki and read what kind of game Persona4 is.

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  1. Image: excellent
    Concept of Poster: deep and mysterious
    Tagging of post: Perfect
    Detail of Blog Post: First rate

    Very well done. I like what you've done here. The only suggestion would be to include the URL for assignment on the ds106 site.

  2. I love this so much!!! Great job on the poster, and I really like the promotion video because it gives me an informational background on the game. This is very intriguing and I congratulate you on a job well done! I also agree with Scott to include the URL.