For mid-Term; ds106 design-Pokemon Card

I will talk about design section of degital storytelling.
I forcus on one topic which is Pokemon card.

In this assignment, people sould make own pokemon card.
Do you know what the pokemon card looks like?
Here is some example of pokemon cards.
Shiny Pokemon Cards
Image; Shiny Pokemon Cards by Minhimalism's photostream ;CCL

It is really interesting to me because I like Pokemon, and Pokemon is pretty common for all of the world.
If people create the own pokemon card, some other countries people might be interesting with this.
We can share our impression and thought by pokemon!!
Seems like, this assignment is not so common for among degital storytelling poeple.
However, I found other people who did not create this for degital storytelling.
Some of interesting pictures are on Flicker.
"Mr Scott" Pokemon Card (2008)
According to St Boniface's Catholic College's photostream, this pokemon card is for one of the professor.
Here is another example.
Pablo's very own "Pokemon" card.
This is also created non-related people with degital storytelling.

Anyway, how to make that kind of pokemon card by own?
Here is example video from Youtube.
This Video is also interesting because she did not use any degital technology.
It might not related to degital storytelling. However, someone who are not good at using degital thing, this video might help.

I also found some blogs about this assignment from degital storytelling.
She also played pokemon game before, and seems really excited to create her own pokemon card.
This blog is really interesting. becuase He/She creted own pokemon picture book.
Its also Flash!!
He did not put any comment for the assignment, but this pokemon card is the closest compared with other two blogs.

I also have some experience to create the own pokemon card.
Here is what I created bofore!!
I kinda did not finished to create this, but It is also can be an own pokemon card!!

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  1. Nice post! Interesting that there's a ds106 assignment so specifically in tune with your interests

  2. One word for this blog post: Awesome. Thank you for finding and posting the perfect YouTube video to go with this topic.

    I'm inspired by this and will do a Pokemon card for myself as soon as I can.