The Little Caption "I Found You"

This is for digital storytelling.
ds106: The Little Caption

I picked up one picture from my Flickr, and gave it one caption.

This picture is one of my favorite in my daily shoot assignment.
This picture is took by my couple ring.

This is the actual photo on my Flickr

It looks like I try to find him (or like "Hey, I got you!!").
This is why I put "I found you" on this photo.

For my Vanilla
Hey!! I found you!! I gonna get you, so just wait right there!!!!

10 件のコメント:

  1. Haha it's nice that you thought a little about the composition apart from the caption itself. Should I be running? o.o

  2. >Mome
    No, you should not run.
    Well, you can run away from SUC dont you? lol

  3. Do you have any misoba balls?

  4. >Mome
    No...I dont, but I am only one Neko-san which you can touch!!