Together Part1:Will Fanfic

For Windows Users!!

When you create something for ds106. what kind of tool do you use?
I use Paint for ds106.
Print is free tool which Windows has in their program.

Click "Start", and search "Paint".
It is really easy to find paint with you computer.

Since I started to do ds106's assignments, I sometimes use Paint just for fun.
Today, I put some pictures on here which I created by Paint.
I also created some short story for these pictures, this short story is also for ds106.
Assignment name is Blogger Fanfic
I picked up Yeow William who is everyone know in my class.

This is ds106 assignment on writing a fanfic about another blogger, taken one step further by being a continuing story written in parts without prior planning, and via the revolving effort of 2 bloggers going back and forth.

Part 1Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5Part 6, to be continued...
~My son Casey drew awesome picture!!~
Today, my sweet Casey drew some pictures in his class.
When I got home from work, he gave me the pictures with lovely smile.

"Daddy!! I drew the pictures!!"

He drew Vanilla-cat which I and my wife created before we got merry.
Now Casey is crazy for Vanilla-cat, and he really likes to draw it.
He explained about this picture, and according to him, Vanilla-cat is walking around and finding his friend Bread-Vanilla-Cat.
I asked him "So, What Bread-Vanilla-Cat is doing now?".
He showed me another picture which he drew today, and explained me what the cat is doing.

Bread-Vanilla-Cat is trying to get some apples when Vanilla-Cat is finding him (According to my son).
Can you see the cat looks like different pen touch compared with background? Casey said he firstly drew some markers, but some of his friends also wanted to use makers. He gave the makers to them, and switched to use crayons.
He knows sharing!!
I was so impressed about it. How Casey is sweet and smart and good boy now!! Can't believe it!!

Last picture is the sweetest one.
He drew daddy and mommy!!

Casey can write daddy and mommy in Japanese!!
Actually, he still needs to improve for writing Yeow(やお) in Japanese.
His お is opposite.

Tomorrow, I will bring this family picture to my company, and put is on my desk.

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    Oh. Here I found it: http://yeowtuj.blogspot.com/2011/10/on-fanfics-and-vanilla-cats.html

  2. This is deeply touching. It truly is.