Hungry caterpillar with Fukuda President?

This is for digital storytelling.
Assignment name is Mashedup Children's book.

I picked up Hungry caterpillar for this assignment.

I also picked up Fukuda President's comments.
”I can see myself objectively, so I am not like you".
This is really common phrase as Japanese politicians' stupid comments.

Then what I created is this.

Hungry caterpillar knows what he wants to eat!!
He is NOT like you!!

He is not like Japanese politicians who can not complete their manifest!!
He is not like Japanese politicians who changed their manifest easily!
Hungry caterpillar knows what he wants to do!!

He is not like you!!

6 件のコメント:

  1. looooool Someone's getting political! :P
    I love the mix of something as innocent as the Very Hungry Caterpillar given such "deep meaning" as the comparison with Japanese politicians.

    I for one vote the VHC for prime minister! :O

  2. >Mome
    thanks for your comments.
    Very Hungry Caterpillar is not like you!!!!

  3. I vote for the strawberry for Prime Minister.

    Looking at the text you've mashed together more closely, I'm struck with how deep you were able go with this in such a short, humorous and aesthetic way.

    Nice work. I wanna try a mashup assignment too.

  4. >Lockman

    Thanks for your comment!!

    Yeah, this phrase is really common for all Japanese!! you also assume how Japanese politicians are stupid according to this...

    I hope this assignment can tell my criticizing for Japanese stupid politicians!! lol