Weekly Blog:Are You Artist?

For weekly blog assignment, I heard We Are All Artist at Timmmmyboy.

Timmmmyboy basically described about artists.
However, He did not mention only about art major people, he said everyone can be an artist.
Even though people who are not art major (Political Science, International Business, and/or International Affairs etc) think they do not have any potential to create something, Timmmmyboy said they can describe whatever they want by art!!

Timmmmyboy said ds106 is really good for those people.
If people have energy for creating something, ds106 gives them bunch of experiences.
He put really good comments for readers on his blog, and I want to share the comments with you!!

1,Do not accept the lie that you were just not born creative.
2,Take something ordinary and make it extraordinary.
3,Take something complex and make it simple.
4,Take something new and make it old.
5,Find inspiration in the world around you.

6,We are more creative when we are uncomfortable!!

I agree with his comments, because I also have accepted the lie that I was not born creative.
Okay then, Let's follow the comments and create something as my feedback for Timmmmyboy!!
Let's see that I can be creative or not.
I though I do not have any sense of art, and I am not comfortable NOW!!
(Because I am hungry, my chair makes me uncomfortable, and I am so sleepy.)

I will create a poster for Timmmmyboy's blog post-We Are All Artist.

I use this picture for the poster.
I originally took it when I visited to Turkey.


  • Picasa3
  • Windows Paint

First, Let's change high-light and shadow of this picture, and put some effects on it.
Second, put some texts on picture.

Is it extraordinary?(Maybe?) 
(Maybe it is not Old...)
But I created this when I was uncomfortable!!

If people follow Timmmmyboy's comments like me, 
they can make whatever they want!!

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  1. I think what you did here is a pretty interesting response, because you took the main idea and basically gave yourself a "ds106 assignment" to prove the point.

    The fact that you documented your process makes it that bit more cool

  2. >mome
    Thanks for your comments.

    this poster is not for ds106 assignment, but creating something is fun ;)

  3. I know, but it could be ;)

  4. SO, seems like you DID overcome with the lie you talked about here! ;)
    Actually, when I was responding to Timmmmyboy's blogpost, I totally was imagining about YOU! lol

  5. >Kin-chan
    Thanks for your comment!!
    Ahaha!! If it seems like so, I am very happy ;)
    >when I was responding to Timmmmyboy's blogpost, I totally was imagining about YOU! lol
    wow :O