Together part7: 30 min and home

This is ds106 assignment on writing a fanfic about another blogger, taken one step further by being a continuing story written in parts without prior planning, and via the revolving effort of 2 bloggers going back and forth.

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I just got a convenience store from my house.

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7 11; by calltheambulanceCCL

I came to here for buying Gyoza because my wife wants to eat it for a weekend.
I also want to drink some coffee (I kinda have to do my work after I get home).

When I entered to the store, I suddenly found Oden in front of the cashier.
It looked so good, and I remembered that my wife told me she likes Oden too.
hmmm, maybe she will be happy if I buy it for her.(Today is kinda cold also!!)
well before I buy Oden, I decided to look around the store.

I could found some snacks which Casey loves to eat.
I grabbed the snacks, Gyoza and coffee, and brought them to cashier.
During settling the bills, I ordered some Odens for my wife.
I hope she is not going to be fat...

When I left the store, it has already been 30 minutes since I left home.
I did not think it takes so long, so I did not bring my phone.
However, my wife might really worry about me...(Yeah I can imagine that she might call me a few times already...)

I should go home as quickly as possible.
I just walk little bit fast that usual...

To be continue

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