Weekly Blog: Malware and Facebook

How many people are using SNS?
How many people are using smartphone?

Do you have smartphone?(or I-phone?)
I am using smartphone!!
Nowadays, most of smartphone users are using SNS with their phone.
Please look at this graph below.

According to this graph, many i-Phone and Smartphone users have facebook account.
Facebook is really famous and common SNS in the world.
I know almost TUJ students have the account, and use facebook for communicating with their friends.
However, facebook is really dangerous because your individual information might leak out in Internet.
Let's try how facebook is dangerous.
①Search your facebook name+facebook by google
②Click "search", and you can see how facebook is dangerous!!
That is my account of facebook!!Oh My God!!
I also tried to find some of my classmates' facebook account.
I put some students name who could found their account in Internet.
However, some of my friends are not comfortable to see their name on this post.
sorry guys :(
It was so easy to find my friends' facebook account in Internet.

There are many kinds of Malwares of facebook.
The Malware takes off your information from facebook!!
Facebook mentioned before, the number that login by account takeover occupied 0.06% among the login numbers to Facebook was released. 
It was indicated that it became the calculation by which account of 600,000 affairs is captured every day also about the number of 0.06% in login by account takeover. 
Wow, 600.000!!!!

however, have you ever think about facebook application for smartphone?
as I mentioned begining of this post, many people already have used facebook by smartphone.
Smartphone is like little PC, and it has many individual information.
If someone makes a malware for facebook application of smartphone, can you imagine what is going happen?
The malware will take all of your individual information from your phone.
Your individual information will leak out all of the world, and some bad people might use it.

Be careful who are using smartphone!!
There is many way to spread out malwares!! Not only application.
Most common way is spam-mail.
Do not click any URL on that kinds of mails!! It might be malware and/or virus for smartphone.

You can protect your information by some security applications for smartphone!!
Info Protector(Japanese)
McAfee(Not Free software)

Question for Final Exam
Q:What is the possible problem when smartphone/i-phone catches a malware?
①The malware will take all of your individual information
②Your phone background is forcibly set-upped picture of Hitler
③Your phone will transform Ultraman
④Nothing happens

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  1. It's interesting that you take the topic to the realm of smartphones, which is definitely both a recent trend and one that is quite unique to Japan (even before smartphones Japanese phones were quite far advanced, with websites frequently offering mobile versions of their site to phone users).

    The point you bring up about antivirus software for smartphones is also interesting, for one reason because I don't know much about it, and for another neither do most people (I think). The other day when walking around an electronics store I did happen to see "smartphone versions" of antivirus software though, and at the time while I did think to myself, "Is this really necessary??" well maybe it is, or will be.

    I kind of liken this example to people using Apple PCs. The device can still get malware, viruses etc. but it's either new or niche and brings with it the impression that you're safe, whether you really are or not being another issue.

  2. >Mome
    Thx for your comment.

    Yeah, you just got i-phone4S right?
    Be careful "siri"!!
    Your information is always on Internet because of siri.
    I recommend you to set up siri off.

    If you think you need to down load some security application, I think it will help you a lot.
    What I mentioned about security application and/or software are really good, and many people use these.


  3. i didnt know about the google thing... scary

  4. Sorry could you please erase my name?
    I dont like my full name to be on ppl's site that much(´・ω・)ゴメンネ

  5. >Hasebe.tuj
    Yeah Its so scary huh?

  6. I too think that we are about to see an explosion of problems related to identity theft, fraud and malware through the mobile phone networks as more and more people connect to SNS sites and do online banking through their phones.

    As mome mentioned, Japan has probably been ahead of North America and most of Europe in web-based cell phone usage. But now it is going global as more and more people get the smart phones.

    I can't imagine what sorts of serious problems will arise. Thanks for pointing to this topic.

    BTW, I noticed several rhetorical questions in your great post but I didn't see anything specific for the Final exam. Did I miss it? If so, please point it to me. If not, please amend your blog to include one. Thanks.

  7. I also cant imagine what kinds of problem gonna appear...
    I am so worry about it...because I am also smartphone user.

    I am really sorry I forgot to put my question on this post!!
    I just put it on this post, and wish you can find the answer...

  8. Nice! :) I am using smart phone too xD It makes my life so much easier... :)

    Btw, I found it kind of hard to read this part :
    "I put some students name who could found their account in Internet.
    However, some of my friends are not comfortable to see their name on this post.
    sorry guys :( "
    The size of the letters are pretty small O.o

  9. Thanks for your comment!!

    Im really sorry about that.
    I just changed the font size now!!