Youtube myspace I will google your yahoo....????

When I do not have nothing to do, I always turn on my laptop and see many website(which is web-surfing).

Have you ever considered why we can go so many web pages with only one click?
My answer is NO because I think nobody does not care why we can link bunch of websites.
Nowadays, computer and Internet are one of the basic needs for most of us.
Then, lets think about who made such a wonderful computer thing HERE!!

1945, Vannevar Bush propound "Memex" which is basic idea of hypertext and computer system.

This "Memex" is influenced technology of hypertext, but "Memex" and hypertext system is not same. "Memex" is only basic idea for hypertext.
He wrote "As We May Think", and in the article, he said; there is brand new encyclopedia in near the future. Each article can be shared and linked just like spider web. Then Memex will really help for work up such a technology.

Now, please remember when you search some information on Internet.
We definitely click the links, and move other webpage.
Wikipedia is really good example of hypertext also.
"Memex" erected computer technology which is sharing information by LINK.

Additionally, our smartphone is also use hypertext system.
Smartphone is kind of small computer for us because we can use Internet without Wi-fi thing.
Do you think had Bush ever thought we can get such a small and useful computer for only 60 years?
In the near future, we might not need to carry laptop anymore. I believe the much small and useful smartphone will coming up.
Then how computer technology will change? I do not know.

Aside from this, I want to share with you something fun!!
You know how to click your mouse. Then I believe it will be so much fun for you!!
Escape!!!! (For non Japanese speaker)
Escape!!!! (For Japanese speaker)

This is what I do when I was bored.
It is pretty easy to play; main gale is escape from place where you are in the game.
Click everywhere and find some items; items will help you to escape.
I think this click things are kind of similar to hypertext system.
When you want to change the scene or use the items, you will CLICK.
Then your game scene will be changed by only a click.(I think both scenes linked each other).

If it is not related hypertext or Memex or something like computer technology, I am really sorry.
Then just enjoy your escape lol

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  1. The question of why we use computers and click links without thinking about it says a lot about how natural it feels for us to interact with such technology today. Incidentally I believe this was one of Bush's goals when he invented the computer mouse: Naturalness.

    On the flipside you always hear of people in older generations who "just don't get it" and I guess that even when we consider what is natural and what isn't we have to consider that there are people who will slip through the cracks and get left behind.


  2. About Mome's comment above: was it Bush who invented the mouse?

    As for the escape game, I failed completely. I was able to move from room to room but not able to interact with any of the things. Will try again later when I have more time to figure it out.